Tell Me More English Performance تحميل كورس تعلم اللغة الإنجليزية

أبريل 10, 2017

تحميل كورس Tell Me More English Performance 10.5.2 (10 Levels) Multilingual Iso اسطوانة من اقوي اسطوانات تعليم اللغات (انجليزي , فرنساوي , الماني , اسباني) , انجليزي بريطاني وامريكي .

تحميل كورس اللغه الانجليزيه Tell me more بحجم 6.72 جيجا - تحميل مباشر
المميز في الكورس Tell me more انك تقدر تنطق وهو يصحح النطق بتاعك ويقولك ايه الغلط اللي عندك  

الكورسات مقدمه لكم باللغتين ( لهجتيين )
Lesson Language
British English & American English
ويحتوى على 3 مستويات
Includes 3 levels of learning

مبتدئ : 1- Beginner
متوسط : 2- intermediate
متقدم : 3- Advanced

مده الكورسات 750 ساعه من التعليم
بعض من التمرينات وليست جميعها

Tell Me More English v8
English. With more than 750 hours of learning, this is the most extensive offer on the market to help you learn English. The intelligent software version evaluates your progress as you learn English, and uses your results to suggest the activities and exercises best suited to your needs
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Whatever your objectives or level, TELL ME MORE adapts to your needs and guides you through the learning process, just as a teacher would

• Over 7 million satisfied users worldwide.
• Used everyday in more than 10,000 Academic Institutions.
• Global leaders and government agencies have placed their trust in TELL ME MORE®: U.S.State Department, U.S. Government, FBI, Canadian Federal Government, EDS, BMW…
• Top Ten Reviews Gold Award for best language learning software.
• Aura log was the first company in the world to apply speech recognition to language learning software.
• Today, Aura log continues its innovation by delivering personalized and interactive solutions aimed at increasing language fluency through pedagogically grounded, yet highly engaging, methods. The TELL ME MORE is the realization of this effort
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Tell Me More English Performance 10.5.2 (10 Levels) Multilingual 
Tell Me More User Languages: English, French, German, Spanish.Tell Me More Languages to Study: British English and American English.
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